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KS Cultivator



KS Cultivator

KS Cultivator consists of a frame, tynes (fixed or spring loaded) having reversible shovels and 3-pont hitch system. Cultivators are primarily used for intercultural operation after the crop has come up a few centimetres above the ground. But cultivator is also used for opening the land, preparing the seed bed and sowing of the seeds as well cultivators for the secondary tillage are available as animal drawn and tractor drawn. In medium and light soil duck foot type cultivators are also used for primary tillage operation.

It consists of a frame, tynes with reversible shovels, hitch system and heavy-duty springs. The function of spring is to save the cultivator tynes from breaking when some hard object comes in contact with the shovel or under the tyne. The shovels are made of heat-treated steel for longer life. The implement is mounted type and is controlled by the hydraulic system of the tractor.

Cultivators are used for seedbed preparation both in dry and wet soils. It is also used for intercultural operation by adjusting the tynes as per row to row distance. It is also used for puddling purposes

  •  Tested & Approved by Govt. of INDIA (Ministry of Agriculture)
  •  Heavy Duty Frame.
  •  Ensures Prompt after Sale Service.
  •  Subsidy & Finance Available*


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