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KS Mini Track Harvester

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Product Name
KS Mini Track Harvester
Tested & Approved by
Govt. of INDIA
  •  Tested & Approved by Govt. of INDIA (Ministry of Agriculture)
  •  Best for land preparation for Wheat, Paddy and Other Crops.
  •  Enhances the soil fertility by mixing the residue of crops like Cotton, Sugarcane, Wheat and Paddy.
  •  Lesser wear & tear of the tractor as the soil preparation is done in one or two passes.
  •  Tillage depth can be changed according to moisture level of soil.
  •  Also Used as Residue Management.
  •  Time & Fuel Saving.
  •  New Design & Graphix.
  •  Safety Sheilds fro Extra Safety.
  •  Heavy Duty Transmission System.
  •  Ensures Prompt after Sale Service.
  •  Subsidy & Finance Available*

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